Wednesday, 26 September 2012

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The one that bring me to this beautiful business, my one and only best friend and now she lead me to wonderful journey of life through Premium Beautiful.

Double Diamond Manager and Car Fund Achiever

In business, never give up and listen to what other might say. Whenever people look down at me that is the KEY POINT for me to achieve better and better and left them all behind. You have got nothing to loose.

Personally, I still barely can't imagine how this business can generate my income from 4-5-6 figure! Just started not even a month, I had selling 5 corsets in two weeks time. Imagine how RM12K sales u get. Like my mentor Hanis Haizi said to me "Jangan kerja untuk kais bulan makan bulan!". So now kita kais hari makan bertahun yer :) Alhamdulillah..

My Mentor and Leader, CDM Hanis Haizi has been at her lowest level in her life has bravely changed her new life into 360 degrees with 200K income permonth. Now she can proud of herself. Never rely on others and she proves it :)

CDM Hanis Haizi before, fully housewife for 4 years without earning money on her own.

A year later she owned her first Beemer 3 Series

Things that you can proud of when it's all from YOU.

Hanis Haizi today with 200K income permonth.

What are you waiting for, A DAY may become A MONTH, a month may become A YEAR. Start now or you will be just the same OLD YOU!

Earn 4-5-6 figure income with car fund and FREE HOLIDAYS!

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